Ep 212: 'Everyone Wants to Go to Japan': The Best Bits From The South East Asia Travel Show in April 2024

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1 May 2024 • 16m14s

From “Everyone wants to go to Japan” to “Thailand’s on the verge of over-tourism” to “Three towers with a surf board on top”. Welcome to our new monthly mini-roundup of the key moments from recent podcast discussions and interviews.

During April, Philip See, Group Chief Sustainability Officer & CEO of Loyalty and Travel Solutions of the Malaysia Aviation Group, discusses the sustainable aviation challenges and opportunities in South East Asia. Plus, we head to Japan to break down the astonishing surge of inbound travel from South East Asia to one of Asia Pacific’s hottest destinations.

We tackle the re-emergence (or otherwise) of Thailand’s THB300 tourism tax, and Hannah consults Google Maps to locate the under-development fourth tower of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands resort. All this and much more in our April rewind.

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This week, Thailand confirmed it IS targeting 40 million arrivals in 2024. Achieving this goal would set an annual record for Thailand and - crucially - surpass the 39.9 million visitors in 2019. It would be a stellar achievement. So, it’s the perfect time to assess the year so far in Thai tourism - and look ahead - with Bangkok-based travel journalist Vincent Vichit-Vadakan. We discuss Thailand’s visa liberalisation measures in recent months, and its highly anticipated Soft Power Conference later in June - which will present a diverse vision of Thailand’s future, including tourism, culture, arts, cuisine, music, fashion and festivals among its 11 soft power pillars.
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