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Ep 43: What Next After The Singapore-Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble?

19 Nov 2020 • 34m00s

The Singapore-Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble kicks off on Sunday 22 November, but concerns are resurfacing across Asia about volatile new COVID-19 waves. Soon after the ATB was launched, Asia’s media was rife with speculation about which other countries might launch travel bubbles - either with or without Singapore and Hong Kong. But they seem no nearer to fruition. This week, Gary and Hannah scan the region for signs of travel bubble activity, and report the latest from Australia and New Zealand where hopes for a two-way bubble in 2021 are starting to recede.
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Written, produced and hosted by two KL-based travel and media specialists, The South East Asia Travel Show discusses the hottest topics in the world’s most dynamic tourism region.

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12 Nov 2020 • 34m00s

Ep 42: Singapore & Hong Kong Embark on an Uncharted Era of Travel

Singapore and Hong Kong are both important Asian aviation hubs, commercial centres and travel destinations. But they aren’t - or weren’t - key source markets for each other in terms of travel and tourism. So, will the Air Travel Bubble create new patterns of travel demand, or is it simply a small stepping stone towards an uncharted era? This week, Gary and Hannah discuss the (pre-COVID-19) travel landscapes of both cities and the vital roles that aviation, airports and airlines contribute to their economies.
6 Nov 2020 • 18m00s

The Friday Rewind 8: Indonesian Flights Boost, Seoul Tourism Showcase & Tuk-Tuk DJs

In episode 8 of The Friday Rewind, Gary and Hannah zip through this week’s 5 top talking points in South East Asian travel and tourism - in less than 20 minutes. This week’s hot topics include: Hungarian Foreign Minister Tests Positive in South East Asia Philippines Sets a Ceiling Price for COVID-19 Tests Indonesian Flights Take Off in October ASEAN-Korea Tourism Pavilion Opens in Seoul Tuk-Tuk DJs Tour Phnom Penh in Style Show notes Watch the Tuk tuk DJs: https://youtu.
30 Oct 2020 • 20m00s

The Friday Rewind 7: High-Speed Trains, More Bubbles & 'Jurassic Park' Dragons

In episode 7 of The Friday Rewind, Gary and Hannah zip through this week’s 5 top talking points in South East Asian travel and tourism - in less than 20 minutes. China features prominently this week, with the topics under discussion being: Thailand Teams With China for a High-Speed Rail Take Off Cambodia Wants a China Travel Bubble, or Does It? Laos Plans Fast Track Travel for China & Vietnam ‘Jurassic Park’ Dragons Are Endangered in Indonesia Malaysia’s Tourism Challenges Keep Multiplying
21 Oct 2020 • 33m00s

Ep 41: The Troubles With Travel Bubbles

It’s 6 months since Australia and New Zealand first floated the concept of Travel Bubbles. Ever since, it has dominated travel talk as a potential way to safely reopen borders between two countries without requiring a quarantine. But the 2020 travel realities (and the coronavirus itself) have made bilateral bubbles extremely difficult to negotiate, agree and implement. This week, Gary and Hannah discuss the different definitions of air travel bubbles, corridors, fast tracks and green lanes.